Hi there! My name is Sande Kay. I began raising Maine Coons because I fell in love with the breed while living in Rhode Island. I received my first Maine Coon as a gift in 1983, and there has been no other breed for me since! I started breeding Maine Coons for the love of the breed. They are known to be big, friendly, goofy, intelligent and sometimes psychic cats who are loveable and connected with their people. Many breeders of our Maine Coon breed use cages for their own convenience. I feel that cages ruin the loving personality of our big goofy breed. All of my cats are raised in a cage-free home. I have about two litters a year, and normally have a waiting list of people. My cats are not my BUSINESS. My Maine Coons are my love. Health and personality of the Maine Coon are of primary importance to me. I test my breeding Maine Coons, both before they breed and during their breeding cycle, for HCM, & Hip Dysplasia. All of my cats are genetically tested for HCM, PKD & other possible genetic defects. All new kitten owners get a copy of both parents’ test results as a hard copy to bring to their vet when their kitten is delivered. Thank you for your interest in an Indra’s Net Maine Coon Kitten or young adult. Please Contact me to find your new furry family member.

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