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Danu and Aurora

In 1983 I lived in Rhode Island, and I received my first Maine Coon. She showed up in my life completely unexpectedly. I was graduating from my Bachelor's Degree. My first Maine Coon arrived in my life in a cardboard box with a red ribbon on it, with a hand-drawn birth certificate as a card. A gift from my mother: a small miracle in a box from a woman who did not like cats. From the minute that tiny white kitten popped its head out of the box it was love. We had great adventures together.

Maine Coons have been the center of my life since 1983. They are large friendly, tolerant cats with a multitude of clever personality quirks: they learn tricks, they play fetch, the talk back in little chirps, and they go for walks, easily learning to walk on a leash. I can only describe them as little soul-meters, they are very psychic. They have followed me through my life, going to presentations, classes, being therapy cats, and more recently going to cat shows.

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Indra’s Net is born!


I started my own breeding cattery in 2003. Indra's Net Maine Coon Cattery was born while I was in Grad School. I chose 'Indra's Net' as a name for my Maine Coon Cattery as it is a myth of Universal Oneness & Wellbeing. I am a Writer and an Artist, and completely non-conventional. My ideals encompass a wide definition for 'family', therefore my cats are my furry-family members. I believe that other beings on this earth have equal rights to a happy, healthy life and take great care in raising my 'Gentle Giants'. There are no cages in my home. All of my cats live in my home 'under-foot'.

All of the cats at Indra's Net, including the rescued cats, eat a healthy grain-free diet. We strive to keep their diet, exercise area, and water as close to natural as possible. They have two completely enclosed outdoor areas where they can chase bugs, watch birdies and smell the piney woods.

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It hasn't always been easy breeding these large lovely cats. The heartbreaks of breeding when little ones die, when older beloved pets pass over, or when unethical breeders make this 'hobby' difficult are things that are hard (One breeder even refused to pay me the agreed upon contracted amount after she received the kitten! She still goes to shows in my area. The huge ego involved in purposefully stealing from someone and still showing up just blows my mind!).

But the rewards have been outstanding. And the soul lessons learned have been phenomenal. The great breeders that I have met, and the new friends I have gathered along the way have made this journey worthwhile. I am so grateful to he wonderful breeders that started my journey: Sandy Foster of Muddy River Maine Coons, Debbie Powell of KooniKats (both retired now), Marga Harms of Shanna, Nektaria of Nektarcats, and of course Sheila Haskins of Coonopry.

I am very grateful to some breeders that have my cats: Judy Friedman of Coons'Kin, Cindy Rogers of SunCoons, Ramona Shuba of Shubacoons, Laura Bumgarner of CandieCoons, Linda Banziger of KokuaKats, Cassie & Cammie Pedersen of Andracoons, and of course Zoe. Thank you for loving my babies and making this hobby so special.

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