Shooting Stars: The Boys

GC RW Indra’s Net Samwise Gamgee
DOB: 9/26/2012
Color: Brown Classic Tabby (carries dilute & solid)

Sire: GC RW Koonikats Bootstrap Bill
Dam: CH Nektarcats Your Grace of Indra’s Net

8th Best Cat in Championship Region 2 2013-2014
2nd Best of Breed Main Coon Region 2 2013-2014
6th Best Maine Coon in Championship Worldwide 2013-2014

20th Best Cat in Championship Region 2 2014-2015
2nd Best of Breed Maine Coon Region 2 2014-2015

HCM: 5/27/2016 ~ Normal, Hips: Normal, DNA: 9/9/2013 ~ Neg/Neg

I love Sam. He and I traveled all over Region 2 and 5 for three years learning Good Sportsmanship, and meeting new people. He had a great show career. He loved doing it, until he let me know he was done. He has sired several litters. His kittens have his massive boning, and nice old type (not extreme) of the Maine Coon breed. Red Baron (below) is his grandson. At 26 pounds full grown, Sam is truly a gentle giant.


GC Indra’s Net Aldebaran
DOB: 10/01/2015
Color: Red Classic Tabby with White (carries solid)

Sire: GC Indra’s Net Betelguese
Dam: CH Shanna’s Strawberry Shortcake of Indra’s Net

HCM: 10/07/2016 ~ Normal, Hips: waiting, DNA: 9/9/2016 ~ Neg/Neg

Everyone that meets Red Baron smiles. He is a silly boy who loves the show hall and all of the attention that goes with it. I showed him though his kitten-hood, until he got his Grand Championship. I was lucky enough to have my friend Jeff show Red Baron this show season. We are waiting for the results! Meanwhile, Red Baron remains a good friend, and silly boy living with Jeff and Aslan.