Shooting Stars: The Boys

GC RW Indra's Net Samwise Gamgee
DOB: 9/26/2012
Color: Brown Classic Tabby (carries dilute & solid)

Sire: GC RW Koonikats Bootstrap Bill
Dam: CH Nektarcats Your Grace of Indra's Net

8th Best Cat in Championship Region 2 2013-2014
2nd Best of Breed Main Coon Region 2 2013-2014
6th Best Maine Coon in Championship Worldwide 2013-2014

20th Best Cat in Championship Region 2 2014-2015
2nd Best of Breed Maine Coon Region 2 2014-2015

HCM: 5/27/2016 ~ Normal
DNA: 9/9/2013 ~ Clear

GC Indra's Net Aldebaran
DOB: 10/01/2015
Color: Red Classic Tabby (carries solid)

Sire: GC Indra's Net Betelguese
Dam: CH Shanna's Strawberry Shortcake of Indra's Net


HCM: 10/07/2016 ~ Normal
DNA: 9/9/2016 ~ Clear