Stars: The Girls

CH Indra's Net Red Sky at Night: Spay
DOB: 1/25/2007
Color: Cameo Mackerel Tabby

Sire: CH Indra's Net Sun Flare
Dam: CH Indra's Net Nightwind

I call her Maddy (because she mats when I am not looking, just to irritate me). Maddy is spayed. But her brother went to  friend of mine in Hawaii, and her niece just came back to me. Maddy is 10 years old. She has the friendliest personality ever. This picture is of Maddy happily showing off her paint-head, after 'helping' me.

HCM: 5/27/2016 ~ Normal

CH Shanna's Strawberry Shortcake
DOB: 11/18/2014
Color: Red Classic Tabby & White

Sire: GC Coonopry's Honeycomb
Dam: Shanna's Tootsie Pop Ariel

Strawberry has a very outgoing personality. She loves to be loved. In typical red-head fashion she can be head-strong at times. She is the mother of Red Baron. I am so pleased to have her in my home. Thank you Marga. Strawberry is very loved.

HCM: 3/03/2016 ~ Normal

CH Coonopry SilverBelle of Indra's Net
DOB: 7/03/2014
Color: Silver Classic Tabby & White

Sire: CH Coonopry Jack-O-Diamond Blues
Dam: Coonopry Phoenix

SilverBelle is my beautiful belle of Texas. Her sweet personality and her head-bumps make life better on a dreary day. I am so lucky to have her sweet self in my life. Thank you Sheila. I hope that her off-spring have her personality.

HCM: 3/03/2016 ~ Normal

CH Immortal Harmonia of Indra's Net
DOB: 8/11/2015
Color: Brown Patched Tabby & White (carries solid)

Sire: GC Coonopry's Shenandoah
Dam: CH Coonopry Aphrodite of Immortal

Harmony is headstrong and funny. She loves attention, and usually gets it from her antics (knocking things off shelves, rearranging my paperwork, biting books). She is the epitome of the Maine Coon clown. We are hoping for her first litter this summer with her best buddy Red Baron. Thank you Melony for this silly girl.

HCM: 5/27/2016 ~ Normal

Up and coming:

CandieCoonz CoCoKiss of Indra's Net
Black & White bi-color


Kokuakats UliUli of Indra's Net
Silver Patched Mackerel Tabby & White